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CougarSometimes the simplest things inspire an artist. The tranquility of a mountain stream gently flowing through a valley, the early morning mist rising from a pond,  or the sight of an old dilapidated barn are just a few of the scenes that provide Robert with his creative inspiration. Even an old dead tree or an unusual rock formation may inspire him.

Smoky-Mountain-Black-Bear-244x300As Robert has said, “God is truly the greatest artist of all and it  is a challenge to take something that He has created and attempt to imitate it in a meaningful way.  When you study the colors, contrasts, forms and textures that are an intrinsic part of our surroundings it becomes clear how complex and beautiful everything is.  Since I typically paint in a realistic style, it can be quite a challenge to create something that is totally unique or special."

Robert is continually producing new paintings. So, you may want to visit this website periodically if you are interested in seeing his latest artwork. Also, he occasionally takes commissions when he has time. Email Robert HERE.

Limited edition prints are available for purchase on the PRINTS page.

If you have any questions or comments please send an email to Robert HERE. We look forward to your comments and questions.

Hundreds of products are available for purchase with Robert’s artwork on them  – 
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