These are some of the paintings created by Robert over the years. Click on an image to view the full image.

Ring-necked Pheasant Autumn Elk The Bison Trail
What's Going On? - Fox Squirrel Along the Colorado A Quiet Evening
Autumn Buck

Black Labrador Retriever

Blue Jays
Cardinals Chickadees and Sunflowers Chipping Sparrow on a Fence Post
Days Gone By Early Autumn View- Smoky Mountains Goldfinches
Grazing Cattle Heading Down the Slope Hidden Cottontail Rabbit
Highland Park Howard County Scene Iguana
Lower Falls - Yellowstone The Raven Red Fox
Robins Smoky Mountain Black Bear Soaring Above
Stalking His Prey Tempest Brewing The Cabin
Chickadees and Coneflowers The Loon The Old Ford
Watching the Cubs Play


Barred Owl

Looking Back

Cougar Chocolate Lab
Puppies and Ducklings Spring Bluebirds Curious Cub
Autumn Whitetails The Window